The Kids’ Bulletin for Sunday January 29th, 2023

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  1. Saint Hedwig Church | Reply


    We haven’t received next weekend’s children’s bulletin. Is it delayed?

    St. Hedwig Church

      1. Saint Hedwig Church

        Hello again,

        We are missing the bulletin for the 5th Sunday in OT, for this coming
        weekend, Feb. 5th, 23.

        Thank you,


  2. Are we getting a Kid’s Bulletin this week?

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  3. Ann Sharon Pelletier | Reply

    I too am looking for the February 5 Bulletin. It’s a challenge for the little ones, but they look forward to the mazes and the true/false (we do it as a group!). Miss this dynamic aid … hope all is well. Thanks, Sharon

  4. Monica Greenwood | Reply

    Are you still doing your kids’ bulletins? I did not receive one this week. If there is a charge, please let me know.

    Monica Greenwood Parish Ministry Coordinator St. Patrick Osage City & Scranton

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