The Kids’ Bulletin for Sunday September 25th, 2022

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  1. Hello… I was wondering if the bulletins can be made to a book that our parish can use. Can I download these pdfs and convert that into a book?

    1. Hi! Yes, that would be fine!

  2. I am so thankful for your wonderful Kid’s Bulletin. We will be using this for each child in our Catholic Faith Formation this year. I was happy to see that it came early Monday AM. We are teaching from three different Church sites, the first being Monday after school. It seems I will be able to prepare the bulletins before the Monday group gathers!

    May God bless you for your work for the Kingdom.

    To Jesus, through Mary, with St. Joseph,
    Theresa McAvinney
    Parish Catechetical Leader for Mater Dei/St. Andre Bessette Parishes in Vermont

  3. familyfaitha0f7278b72 | Reply

    Hi! I paid for the early access and cannot retrieve the October 2nd bulletin. Can you please help? Thank you!

    1. Hi! I’ve emailed you the link. Let me know if you have any more issues!

      1. Thank you so much! I appreciate the quick response.

  4. Hello as St Francis is the 4th, should this be in the 27th Sunday of OT?

    1. Technically, yes. I just have to re-use my content at this point since I don’t have time to illustrate new lives of the saints, and the weeks don’t always line up exactly with previous years.

  5. Has the Kids bulletin been emailed for October 2, 2022?

    I have not seen it yet.

    Thanks and blessings, Barb

    1. My apologies! I meant to have it posted. You should be able to find it now!
      God bless!

      1. Thank you very much. Have a blessed day.

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