The Kids’ Bulletin for April 28th, 2019: Second Sunday of Easter/Divine Mercy Sunday

In PDF format:

The Kids’ Bulletin 2nd Sunday of Easter

2 responses

  1. Diana L. Palma | Reply

    First of all I want to thank you for “The Kids Bulletin” Do you have an idea the great evangelization that you are doing through this bulletin? It is amazing!
    Thank you for the work and dedication and for sharing your gifts with the Church

    I regularly receive the bulletin on Tuesdays, I would like to know when is the earliest I can receive it

    Thank you again

    1. Hi Diana!
      Thank you- I am blessed to be able to help evangelize!

      At this time I usually only have the bulletin ready on Tuesdays, so that’s the earliest I can publish it (with some exceptions.) There are a lot of older copies in the archives if you need something before Tuesdays. I may get the bulletins done earlier in the week eventually, but I’m a bit of a busy mom these days!
      Thanks and God bless!

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