The Kids’ Bulletin Easter 5

The Kids' Bulletin Easter 5

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  1. Ingrid Nicholson | Reply

    Wow! You truly have a talent here. God is amazing! Thank you for your service to our Catholic faith! I just found your website today and I am so thankful! Our parish is small and additional costs are out of the questions but we are always looking to get the parishioners more involved especially the children (they are our future). I have 6 children myself and I know they are going to LOVE having their own bulletin. Thank you so very much! I see your looking to get a new computer. While our parish can not assist my husband and I would love to donate. I will see if I can figure out Paypal. Please let me know (you can email me at about how much more you will need….and we will see how much we can come up with, really want to keep your ministry going.

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