The Kids’ Bulletin for Sunday August 25th, 2013

In PDF format:

The Kids Bulletin 21st Sunday

The Kids Bulletin 21st Sunday inside

2 responses

  1. Hello Sir/ Madam

    Will be very glad to talk more in length with you.

    I must say that you have been doing a very good Job. You are blessed.
    You have been blessing us in Africa, Nigeria, Lagos to be precise.

    I am feeling so guilty of myself, that I had to write to you through this medium.

    I have been making use of you very useful resource (The Kids Bulletin) for my parish Kids bulletin. It is so complete for every Sunday that I have not been able to create mine ever since. Especially the Story of the Saints and the Puzzle.

    I am Atsu Emmanuel T. ( Student / Programmer / 3D Animator CGI)
    from St. Cyprian’s Catholic Church New Oko-Oba Agege Lagos.

    Will like to know if there is any way Me as a person, or my parish can contribute to this good work you have started.


    1. Hello Atsu Emmanuel.

      Please don’t feel guilty! I am very glad that you are using the kids’ bulletins. I think the best way that you and your parish can contribute is by praying for me and for this little apostolate. Also, if you know any other parishes that could use the bulletin let them know about it so they can use it too.

      Thank you for writing!
      God Bless!

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